Return to the Night of the Zealot – AH:CG Expansion

Set to release in the second quarter of 2018, Return to the Night of the Zealot promises to be an exciting re-imagining of the original core set campaign.  According to the news posted by FFG, this expansion set boasts 66 new cards, 20 of which are player cards.  Upgraded versions of old favorites return, like the Rabbit’s Foot with the addition of achievements and new goals adding another layer of challenge to the revamped scenarios.  It is important to note that this is an expansion, not a new core set.  For new players, start with the core set!

One of the most appealing aspects of this expansion is the box that it comes in.  The box is designed to house your cards from your core set and Return to the Night of the Zealot expansion, complete with divider cards to keep things organized for easier setups.  One of the few major downsides to the AH:CG is the setup time players must dedicate to prepare each scenario.  Setup itself is not complex, but often requires using certain common sets of encounter cards.  Players will be able to enjoy the luxury of an official FFG product that aids in organization.  While there are certainly many third party and improvised solutions available, the artwork featured in the AH:CG is incredible.  The box is aesthetically pleasing and I like the way they’ve done the divider cards as well.  One of the first things I did after I bought my initial core set was get a plain white card box and set up dividers with the symbols for each encounter set and other dividers for investigator cards.

Given what little FFG has shown us about the new scenarios and encounters, each “Return to” scenario should provide one or more new Act or Agenda cards, new enemies, new unique cultists, and new locations.  There’s no telling if the Achievements offer anything more than bragging rights, but I would imagine at least a few Victory Points should be in store for those who can achieve them and survive with their minds intact.  Keeping your wits about will prove to be even harder than before, especially on “Return to the Midnight Masks” where new sanity-draining encounter await.  Elder Sign Amulets and other sanity protection cards will be in high demand for these encounters, if they weren’t already.  Even Daisy Walker might need some extra protection!

You can pre-order this set through your Friendly Local Gaming Store or from FFG directly.


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