About AtB

Around the Board is an online community dedicated to promoting the tabletop industry, especially creative gamers and local game communities.  AtB is based in San Antonio, Texas, which has an extremely active tabletop and card gaming scene.  Each week, AtB visits local retailers, attends meet-ups with gaming communities, studies game strategy and even records gaming sessions.  Our forums (under construction) will be designed so members can promote their own projects as well as finding local communities with like-minded gamers to meet-up and play their favorite games.  From the “just for fun” casual level to the highest levels of tournament competition, no group is too small to promote.  Visit the Contact page if you would like to be featured by Around the Board.

Around the Board is committed to keeping this site and service 100% free of pop-ups, ad-banners and click-bait.  Help us keep it that way by backing us on Kickstarter.  AtB also does not accept payment of any kind from the communities and retailers it features – we feature unique communities, events and locations that we believe promote tabletop gaming in a positive manner.

Meet the Staff –

Owner, operator, and designated card-shuffler:  Jacob Walsh.

Currently studying Engineering at the Alamo Colleges in San Antonio, Texas.  My entire life I’ve played tabletop, RPG and card games of all types.  From traditional games, like Chess and Spades, to the more intricate world of miniatures and tabletop warfare, I enjoy just about all of them.  Among my favorite games include, but certainly aren’t limited to, Shadowrun, Rifts, Warhammer 40k, Magic: The Gathering, Spades, Exploding Kittens, Hero Realms and Chess.  There’s still a ton of games I’ve yet to play, so this list might get updated quite often.  I am not only a promoter of local gaming communities, I’m a contributing member and have been playing in game tournaments for over 18 years.  I often have just as much fun organizing games and teaching new players as I do from playing them.  I have a huge admiration for creative gamers who make art, custom-cases and placards, manage their own local communities/events, make cool dice, and much more.

Congratulations, you’ve met the whole staff!